My Mommy Top 5

Moms have needs too! Sometimes us moms are so busy with baby, family, work, and laundry…so much laundry… that we forget to take time for us. Ha! As if we have time for that! Dreams ladies, keep on dreaming. Well, at least we have our go-tos right? These help us feel normal (whatever that is […]


Rosella’s Top 5…this week!

This week there was a lot of outdoor play! Now that we’re walking, we are always on the move and ALWAYS wanting to be outside. Needless to say, Rosie has a nice farmer tan going on. Haha! Popsicles! We just can’t get enough of these. With the warm weather, and constant teething, these were a must. […]


Summer popsicle recipe for toddlers

It’s finally starting to heat up here in the Bay and we are in need of an appropriate treat! Now if only there was a treat that helped keep us cool, was tasty, and relieved some teething pain… hmm…POPSICLES!!! Popsicles are so fun to make! When you make your own, you can be as creative as you […]