Happy Hallow, San Jose

Hey everyone! If you have younger children and are trying to find an activity to wear them out (isn’t that always the goal?), why not check out Happy Hallow in San Jose?

My daughter loves it! We’ve been going since she was about 8 months old. She can go on a couple of the rides, climb on the play ground, pet the goats, watch the puppet show, and she loves seeing the “kitty cat” at the zoo. This is a great place for us to go during the week to get in some stimulation. The park it self is small so it’s perfect for little ones.

Some details about the park:

  • Most rides have a 36” height requirement
  • They let you bring your own food into the park
  • There is a large lawn area for picnics
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! There is not a ton of shade in the ride section of the park
  • Fairly inexpensive gift shop (10% for members)
  • Parking $10, but you can park across the street at Walmart, or buy the $80 year pass
  • A year membership is $35 per person (age 2+)
  • During the week not all rides are running
  • You can host birthday parties here!

For more details check out their website.

Any places in the Bay Area you recommend? Please share :)


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