Help in the Kitchen with Blue Apron

Hello Everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog. For my very first blog post…EVER, I thought I would write about this new meal service my family and I are trying out called Blue Apron. They make cooking fun and easy by delivering three meals a week right to you for $9.99 per person. All the meals come in one insulated box that is conveniently left at your front door for you. They provide you with all the pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards with detailed instructions. It’s so easy that even the most novice of chefs can do it. My cousin Lacey swears by Blue Apron, and signed us up for a free week! We got our first order on Tuesday and it has been great. My husband and I really enjoy trying the new recipes, and cooking together. The last meal we made was Summer Sauté with Fregola Sarda & Buffalo Mozzarella. It was delicious!!! The recipe was easy to follow, and the dish was great!



The Blue Apron trial went so well for us that we have decided to sign up! We continued service for a couple months before we decided to stop. The meals were great, but we were having some dietary issues with the menu. Hopefully, in the future, there will be dairy free options offered.

Has anyone else tried this service, or any of the competitors? Share your stories!

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