My Mommy Top 5

Moms have needs too! Sometimes us moms are so busy with baby, family, work, and laundry…so much laundry… that we forget to take time for us. Ha! As if we have time for that! Dreams ladies, keep on dreaming. Well, at least we have our go-tos right? These help us feel normal (whatever that is this week) and keep us on track.

5 things that helped me get through this week:


  1. Calfia Hazelnut Almond Milk Coffee Creamer: Off and on I have my battles with insomnia. Right now it’s on, so I am not sleeping as much as I’d like to. Since my little one is only concerned with how fast she can get to the dog water bowl or toilet bowl, lets just say I need a little boost. This coffee creamer is amazing! You can’t even tell it’s non dairy. Trust me, I know. I LOVE cheese. And at only 15 calories per serving and 3 grams of sugar who can complain? I might even have two servings! :)
  2. Sunday Walks With My Mom: Every Sunday morning my mom and I pick a park or trail to walk on for a couple of hours. This is really nice. If your moms (or dads) live close, I definitely recommend doing this. It really helps me unwind and get ready for the busy week ahead. We get to catch up while spending time outdoors, and we use our Fitbits (every step counts)! Win win!
  3. Mizuno Running Shoes: As part of this new fitness plan we have, I got new shoes! I recently read this article on Runner’s World that talked about how diversifying your running shoe collection can actually make you a stronger runner! What girl doesn’t want more shoes? I was running in Brooks and now I also run in a lighter Mizuno. I can actually feel the difference in my run, and am working towards a stronger knee! I got my shoes at Fit Geek Sports in Cupertino. The woman who helped me was very knowledgeable. She taped my feet running on a tread mill and helped me find the perfect shoe. I will definitely be going back! The Mizunos were a great purchase. Click here to see my shoes!
  4. Fitbit: I know, I know. So basic. Whatever! My sister got me one for Mother’s Day this year and I LOVE IT! It pushes me to get out there a just do a little bit more to keep those mommy pounds off. My husband and I have recently set fitness goals for our selves and are helping each other stay motivated and body positive (super important). My fitbit…well it keeps me honest.
  5. Heart Sunnies: So I am not going to lie. I totally stole my besties’ style and bought a matching pair. She did have them first, but I can rock ’em haha. These sunglasses are so cute and durable. Rosie nabs them all the time and they are still in one piece. You can find them at Nordstrom here for only $12! I love wearing them and they make a unique touch to any outfit…or date night!

What helps you mamaz get through your week?



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