Rosella’s Top 5… this week

FnQmnijmUBVCy2XWxYVe4m2SFZ5z4nuL-idpIOddAGYAs many of you mommies know, what is a life saver one day is useless the next. Shinny objects lose their luster, delicious foods become less then desirable, and that one song that helped them relax yesterday now sends them into a fiery fury. Well… not exactly, but you all get the idea.

This week Rosella’s favorites were:

  1. Freeze dried fruits and veggies. We buy the Just Peas, Lucky Duck Organics, or the Trader Joe’s version. I have found them at Trader Joes (obvi), Whole Foods, and Sprouts. She loves the strawberries, peaches, peas, grapes, and bananas. These are a great on-the-go snack! Just make sure you keep a sippy cup with you (they tend to make Rosella thirsty). The downside to these is that they are a tad on the expensive side ($6-$4), but for us it’s worth it.
  2. Her bedroom swing! Now this has been a life saver. It was easy to install and you can just unhook it when it’s not in use. She loves swinging in it and sometimes even falls asleep in it!!! This is also practical when its too hot or cold for us to make it to the park. I bought my swing on Etsy from MemandBae for about $70 (includes shipping), but you can also make your own! Check out A Beautiful Mess’ instructions!
  3. Animal flash cards are super fun right now! They are thick cardboard cards covered in bright colors and cute animals. We got these for Rosella’s birthday and they have remained a hit. She is even saying some of the animals now! Amazing!!! If your interested in these, you can get them on Amazon here.
  4. Step 2 car stroller is a great out-an-about activity stroller. This is great when were walking around the neighbor hood, the farmers market, shopping, or grabbing coffee down the street. Sometimes we even bring it inside and let her just push it around the living room. Rosella loves this car! She especially loves beeping the horn. The stroller also has a small front trunk space for toys or diapers. It runs about $70 at and Buy Buy Baby, but there are a bunch on craigslist too.
  5. Books books and more books! Rosella just can’t get enough of them. We read when we get up, during the day, and before bed. They are pretty much littered through out the house. Reading is such a great tool for our LOs. It teaches them about communication, it introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way, it builds listening skills, memory, and vocabulary skills, and it even gives babies information about the world around them! Whats not to love? Rosella’s favorite book is How Do I Love You? by Marion Dane Bauer. It is such a sweet book. My favorite line is the last “I love you like the moon loves each shining star. I love all that you will be and everything you are.


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  1. Wishing you the best success with this adventure! This could help a lot of mommies, grandmothers and little ones know what works, what’s new, where to get it and what does not work saving lots of time and money!

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